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Connecting The Modern Workplace

With the workplace evolving at lightning speed, distributed teams and new business models bring complex collaborative and security issues. Empower your workforce with the right tools to connect and support users, wherever they are, whilst promoting productivity, engagement and collaboration.

The people behind your business are key to its success. Unite them seamlessly via any location and on any device.


What To Expect From Modern Workplace Solutions By FluidOne

Work Anytime

Remote working and flexible time is the new normal. Your team expect to be able to work wherever and whenever suits them. We make that possible, without impacting your business productivity.

Work Anywhere

Even when they are in the office, employees expect greater freedom to move around. We believe that, even if the world does return to normality, a hybrid working model will be a requirement for the foreseeable future.

Work on Any Device

Employees no longer need to be chained to desks – and they expect not to be! We can make laptops, tablets and smartphones equally as functional and well-connected as a desktop computer.

One size no longer fits all

The days when a single vendor ticked all the boxes are gone. The modern workplace revolves around multiple technologies from a huge range of vendors to help us work smarter, easier and more collaboratively.

Cloud is key

The benefits of cloud usage in the modern workplace cannot possibly be overstated. Lower costs, greater storage capabilities, and reliable data backup are just a few of them.

New-age security

Our holistic capabilities ensure your business can embrace new technology with confidence. We help you simplify your security strategy to power (and not restrict) your answer to the modern workplace.

Move from Capex to Opex

We provide agile, predictable SaaS solutions that can be delivered exactly when and where they are needed whilst freeing up IT resources.

We’re here to help to grow your business.

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