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Sheffield IT Branch - Part of the FluidOne Group


Modern Workplace

With the workplace evolving at lightning speed, distributed teams and new business models bring complex collaborative and security issues.


Hosting & Colocation

Whether you need a dedicated server and secure environment for your data, or a flexible solution which scales with changing demands, FluidOne can tailor a package to suit your exact requirements. We ensure the data centre covers all the power protection, physical security and cooling systems you need for your network solutions.


LAN & WiFi

If your network is not performing or you want to upgrade your LAN or WiFi, you’ll need a provider with the right expertise to help you.



Microsoft Office 365 & Teams

Gain access to all of your favourite applications and business-critical data with Office 365 for business: a handy single solution that houses all of your Microsoft software.


IT Managed Services

Our Service Desk will handle, log and route all your technical support issues and requests. They will assign an engineer to resolve them within your SLA. We constantly monitor, manage and report on our performance against SLAs to ensure the core of our business is always providing the highest standards of support.


Cloud Hosting

Our hosting platform is fully managed and monitored 24/7, to provide the highest levels of risk mitigation. Dedicated and tailored to your individual needs, it’s straightforward to increase compute, storage or network resources. Flexible SLA’s gives you the option to upgrade, if you require stronger support to cover more critical hosting requirements.


IT Security

In simple terms - IT security is about protecting the availability, privacy & integrity of data. There is an intrinsic link between IT risk & an organisation’s reputation.


Backup as a Service

Managing your own backups is becoming more difficult & costly with growing data volumes and data loss threats from malware attacks. Outsourcing your backup process to an expert support provider is more cost effective and helps improve data management, security & availability.


Disaster Recovery

Even the shortest downtime is hugely destructive, quickly damaging customer confidence, competitiveness and a business’s ability to survive; no matter how long they’ve been trading.


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