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Microsoft Office 365 & Teams

Stay Connected From Any Device, Anywhere

Gain access to all of your favourite applications and business-critical data with Office 365 for business: a handy single solution that houses all of your Microsoft software. Our certified expert team will painlessly install Office 365, support your migration and continue to offer a seamless experience whilst ensuring you enjoy safe and secure access via the cloud.

Microsoft Teams means you can communicate and collaborate with ease thanks to chat services, online meetings, document sharing and many more useful features to propel your business forward. Just log in, access your files and pick up from where you left off.

Trusted Providers

At FluidOne, we are a trusted Microsoft Office 365 cloud partner and provider, meaning you can rely on us to deliver all your Office 365 product needs. Whether you’d like our Office 365 service as a standalone product, or in conjunction with our other services like Teams, we can make a bespoke package that suits the real needs of your business.

What To Expect With Office 365 Managed By FluidOne


Seamless Migration

We get it. Moving your entire business across to new software can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With FluidOne you are in safe hands as we can help you migrate to Office 365 and Teams quickly and seamlessly so your business experiences as minimal disruption as possible.


Data Backup

Despite being a cloud-based product, Microsoft Office 365 doesn’t automatically backup your data to the cloud, meaning you could lose your important data and files at any moment! When you entrust FluidOne to manage your Office 365 suite for you, we ensure that ALL of your data is backed up on secure servers. And when we say ALL of your data, we mean it. From emails to Sharepoint. We’ve got you covered.


Reliable Security

Did you know Microsoft does not automatically apply all the security settings and, as a result, can leave the tenancy and user accounts vulnerable and open to compromise? Fear not, as thanks to our expert cyber partners at CSA, we can ensure that your data is never compromised with regular M365 security assessments and security solutions.


365 Support

We don’t just sell Microsoft Office 365 and Teams, we are experts in installation and management meaning you have our support 365 days of the year. Our highly trained qualified FluidOne experts are always available and ready to help.

We’re here to help to grow your business.

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