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Sheffield IT Branch - Part of the FluidOne Group

IT Managed Service

Outsourcing Day To Day IT Activities

When you are looking to outsource your daily operations, whether partially or fully, search for a provider with a strong track record of consistently delivering high levels of quality service. A safe pair of hands you can trust, so you can get on with growing your business. We’re a business with a rich heritage. Our award winning IT support teams have been successfully keeping customers secure, connected and communicating for more than 30 years.

Managed Services - the right strategic choice for your business

We know you need to manage costs, risks and optimise your operational performance. Our expert IT and Telecoms teams will help you meet these needs across the complete technology spectrum. Unlike many other providers, we do everything ourselves. From design and delivery to ongoing support, so you always get the seamless quality of service you need.

We’ll be your long term consultative partner helping with IT budgeting, technology performance reviews and business impact analysis to give you a blueprint for growth. We work hand in hand with you from taking over your essential daily tasks to providing you with critical strategic level support.

Our IT Managed Services Deliver



Essential technology support skills you need, to keep you and your business systems working. Centralised and intelligent monitoring dynamically manages your networks, keeping them protected and running smoothly. Remote management and out of hours support, maximises your system’s performance and resilience.



Do what you do best. Focus on your core competencies and increasing effectiveness through faster response levels.



Respond to change. A more scalable and agile infrastructure makes you better aligned and more responsive to fluctuations in business demand. Get new users, applications and services available much faster.


Risk Removal

Optimise security and compliance. System monitoring, security and patching, anti-virus and ongoing backups keep you protected. Continual monitoring, scanning, reporting and analysis keeps track of your software licensing.


Cost Control

Reduced and predictable costs give you greater control over capital expenses and reduce your labour and overhead costs.

Managed Workstations

Keeping Your Desktops and Laptops Up To Date And Running Smoothly

If you’re not getting the workstation performance you need and you’re struggling with patching, updates and ongoing maintenance, you’ll want a provider with the right expertise to help you. A partner you can trust to keep them updated and running smoothly. So you can get back to managing your business.

We’re a business with proven expertise in delivering Managed Workstation services. From ongoing monitoring, management, remediation and maintenance to helpdesk and emergency support. Our services help you to resolve any identified issues and minimise the likelihood and impact of unwanted equipment failure. Something we’ve been successfully doing for customers across a wide range of industries for 30 years.

Expertise that delivers the performance and results you need

Keep your PCs and laptops secure with a provider who will also ensure they’re always running at optimal speed with the latest operating system patches and software updates. We’ll help keep your software licensing compliant, with the right type and volume needed to support your user numbers.

You can be rest assured that the service we deliver will always be dedicated to your needs. And we’ll always be looking to further improve your workstations performance and generate greater efficiency in your business.

Our Managed Workstations Service Delivers


Advanced Performance Monitoring

We’ll continually monitor your workstations. So we can identify and resolve issues that could slow them down, such as low running disk space or critical patches awaiting installation. We have procedures in place that allow us to categorise and escalate issues, depending on their severity from non-critical to emergency. So you can be rest assured that anything we identify will always be effectively resolved.


Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

From Windows OS patching, backup, deleting temporary files and disk defragmentation to managing the security of your admin passwords, user accounts and windows firewall. Our remote management capabilities enable us to provide ongoing preventative maintenance and ensure the smooth operation of your workstations.


Patch Management Flexibility

The many options we provide will help reduce the time it takes you to deploy and install patches and their impact on your business activities. Schedule when you want patching and reboots to occur, with the flexibility to approve or decline patches at the device, group or system level. And conserve bandwidth consumption with our optimised patch management architecture.


Detailed Reporting

Our reporting capabilities allow us to provide detailed analysis of your patching, software licensing and hardware asset status. This enables us to alert you of any patching vulnerabilities or licensing anomalies you need to resolve to stay compliant.


Results From The Very First Day

We’ll take the time to fully understand your needs, before commencing our service with you. From reviewing your existing hardware, software and how it’s configured, to analysing how it’s currently performing and used.

We’re here to help to grow your business.

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