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Sheffield IT Branch - Part of the FluidOne Group

The power to transform your business

Your core infrastructure is the bedrock of your IT.  Good infrastructure has the power to transform your business – it will help you respond faster, innovate quickly, and operate efficiently. Bad infrastructure gets in the way, puts you at a disadvantage, and can even cause you to fail.  We help you put sound, uncomplicated foundations in place, so everything else you hope to achieve from technology becomes a lot easier.

We take all the hard work out of building and maintaining your infrastructure to ensure it achieves exactly what you need.  We focus on the big picture, but also the fine detail that is so often the difference-maker.  Through solutions for server, storage, network, and converged infrastructure we know what’s involved in building a technology stack that prioritises what’s most critical to you.  As a result you simply enjoy IT that works, confident your infrastructure won’t let you down.


Compute continues to play a pivotal role hosting and powering the apps and services you rely on. We offer simple steps to a worry-free server solution.


Your data is a precious resource. We help you decide on an effective data storage strategy and create the solutions that deliver all the access, protection, and performance you’ll need.


Get your network ready for the cloud-first, mobile-first era. We join together the people, places, and resources that make your business tick.


Collapse all your infrastructure into a single, easy-to-scale solution. Using next-generation technology we can help you transform and modernise faster than ever.

We’re here to help to grow your business.

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