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End User Computing Solutions

Long gone are the days when end user computing (EUC) was a simple case of keeping track of your people’s corporate laptops. Instead smartphones, tablets, wearables, and an ever-evolving barrage of personal devices infringe your network on a daily basis, whether carried by your own staff or brought onto site by guests. That’s an overwhelming number of endpoints to consider.

We make EUC uncomplicated. By putting the right technologies into the hands of the right users, implementing world-class security to keep your data safe, and introducing smart, sophisticated solutions that revolutionise the way you manage your devices, we ensure EUC is an enabler, and not an obstacle. That way you can be assured that your people are more productive, more efficient, and more collaborative than ever.

EUC where, when, and how you need it

The mobile-first world that we live in demands accessibility, speed, and ease of use. When you’re working on-the-go, you need to know that the data you want is available at all times and easy to obtain, regardless of where you are.

Our EUC solutions architects work with you to determine how mobility can best optimise user productivity and harness greater flexibility, using this knowledge to design a solution that gives your people the freedom to work exactly how they want and where they want, at any time.


For many, Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) has been a breath of fresh air. Both commercially and practically, DaaS overcomes the headache of purchasing and managing new hardware by converting costs to a simple price per device. Our DaaS solutions radically simplify the procurement, deployment, and management of devices, seeing that everything is brought together in one service from a single trusted partner. Using DaaS, not only can we help you switch to a more attractive OPEX model, but we can unite the best mix of devices and accessories with services that unburden you of the responsibilities that go with running your EUC estate.

Securing EUC

Our partnerships with some of the world’s leading security providers mean we’re perfectly positioned to deliver a broad spectrum of solutions to secure your EUC environment and beyond. As well as being able to provide resilient endpoint protection, we’re also poised to defend your intelligent edge – the new devices and things making use of your network.  We help you enforce important authentication policies and access privileges, encrypt all data when in transit and at rest, set up remote wiping functionality in the event of device loss or theft, and ensure everything business-critical is backed up on a regular basis.

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