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Backup As A Service

Make Your Data Recoverable

Managing your own backups is becoming more difficult & costly with growing data volumes and data loss threats from malware attacks. Outsourcing your backup process to an expert support provider is more cost effective and helps improve data management, security & availability.

We’re a business with proven expertise in delivering Managed Backup services. From handling backups on your cloud platform to safeguarding data that’s held on-premise on your server estate. Whatever set up you have, we have the solutions and expertise to manage your data backup needs.

Lost data can cost your business

We understand how harmful data loss is. Costly industry fines or damage to your reputation can be the outcome. We can proactively monitor, manage and update all your devices. So your business critical data is always protected and recoverable.

Our Managed Backup Solutions Deliver



Scale up your backup requirements. From single servers to larger estates supporting physical or virtual machines. With the depth of our service scope, it’s easy to scale up support for your backup needs. And no matter how quickly your data demands grow, the scalability of our cloud backup solutions allows us to respond promptly. So your data’s always protected and available when you need it.


Exceptional Performance

Backup data more quickly. Our cloud backup solutions are extremely fast. So even in a limited backup window, it’s quick and easy to process large data volumes and complex formats.


Data Deduplication

Dramatically reduce data backup volumes and the bandwidth needed to complete cycles. Our services can include data deduplication, which only extracts and backs up blocks that have changed following the first full backup. This incremental approach helps you perform faster and more frequent backup cycles with limited bandwidth. Keeping disruption to other areas of your business to an absolute minimum.


Full Restore

Perform a full backup restore from anywhere, at anytime. Compared to the complexity and time taken to recover a whole system to new hardware, it’s simpler and faster with our cloud backup solutions. You can even build your latest backup into a fully functioning virtual machine that immediately spins up in the event of disaster recovery.


Single File Or Data Set Restore

Speed the time it takes to restore individual files or data sets. With our backup solutions you can restore what you need from data parts that still exist on the server as a previous version or corrupted file. Our software checks the original location of the data for active data blocks, before combining these with the ones held on the backup server. So only the differences between the current and desired version of the file get transferred across the network, for faster restore speeds.


The Strongest Security Protection

Get the data security assurances you need. We use three layers of security including data encryption, network security and account access control. With every backup client we install having its own encryption key, chosen and only known by you. We ensure you’re the only ones who can view your data in its unencrypted format. And even though we encrypt data at source, with a choice of 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES or 448 bit Blowfish encryption prior to its transmission, we also use SSL as standard for network security.


Easy To Manage Software

View and control your data backups. The management console provided with our cloud backup services offers centralised control & visibility of your environment. So it’s simple to change settings and establish role based user access, or view reports, session histories and track changes made by different users.


Support For Compliance

Create a more compliant infrastructure for your data. We can also help you if you need to retain your data in the long term.

We’re here to help to grow your business.

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