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Partnering with VMware


VMware has pioneered software that helps to make technologies work together seamlessly. Since they helped the concept of virtualisation go mainstream over 20 years ago, they have continued to innovate, so that their software has become an instrumental foundation for the apps, services, and experiences that are transforming the world.

Our customers have continually turned to VMware technologies to modernise their datacentres, integrate private and public clouds, re-engineer security, and empower the digital workspace.  It’s brought to life by solutions that cover virtualisation of servers, desktops, applications, network, and security; sophisticated management that knits together almost any infrastructure and business continuity that keeps you operational.


Reshaping IT with software

Highlander recognised the important role that VMware would play in the day-to-day IT of our customers over 10 years ago.  Since then we’ve become one of the UK’s leading partners, well-accredited across the entire VMware product family.  The skills we have obtained and knowledge we have accumulated is helping us to transform our customers’ businesses by using software-driven solutions that exist across private and public cloud infrastructures. We call on this know-how to enable you to genuinely create a hybrid cloud that offers the very best functionality and economics. In return, your IT becomes lightning fast and responsive to changes in your business, seamlessly integrates with everything else you use, and provides the freedom to scale as you grow.

We offer rich technical capability to wrap around the VMware technologies you adopt.  It’s valuable reassurance that all the advicedesigndeployment, and support expertise can be sourced from one expert partner, no matter how large or small your project.


Other strategic partners