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Partnering with NetSuite


NetSuite is the world’s leading cloud business software suite. It is one unified family of applications covering operations, financials, CRM, and ecommerce. Some call it an ERP solution, but put simply it’s everything you could ever need to run and grow your business.

Create business change at your pace

Delivered through the cloud, there’s no heavy upfront investment in NetSuite – just one simple monthly subscription.  A modular solution, NetSuite can be deployed in stages and at a pace that matches your appetite for business change.  If you’re keen on rapid transformation, a simple implementation can occur in just a few weeks, or if you prefer to take things slower, you can grow into the solution, adding new functionality as you go.  Modules can be activated or deactivated as required, the only additional cost being any custom development you may choose compared to the out-of-the-box variant


We walk the walk

Highlander chose to become a NetSuite partner after we selected the software to run our own business.  Having struggled with disparate systems and imperfect visibility over the tasks and processes that matter to our business, we took the plunge to invest in an integrated system that could scale with us and haven’t looked back.  We’ve been so impressed with what we’ve achieved, we’re now only too happy to evangelise about the benefits to our customers.

Because of our own implementation we’ve got to understand NetSuite inside and out.  We’ve matched our experience with accredited professionals and custom services to ensure you receive the best advice, design, delivery, and support capability when you call on our help.

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