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Partnering with Lenovo


Lenovo is the world’s largest PC vendor. With a reputation for perfectly engineered personal computing devices and imaginative technology, they have continually outperformed the market thanks to their progressive innovations. Naturally, they are a go-to choice for many of our customers’ personal computing requirements, and play an important role in workplace transformation by enabling people to work in new ways, and remain productive inside and outside the office.

Every Lenovo device, one trusted partner

We’re able to source every product from Lenovo’s client computing line-up.  This means our customers can turn to us for PCs, notebooks, tablets, and workstations.  Thanks to a deep commercial relationship with Lenovo, we can arrange for our customers to see and trial practically any device to see how it might work for real in your business.  This is especially important, as putting the right technology in the hands of your people is critical to a positive user experience.  It also means we can secure the best commercials for PC rollouts and device refresh, as well as orchestrating all the complementary services necessary to shorten time-to-value for the implementation of new technology.


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