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Partnering with Gamma


Strategic Partner

Gamma is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of voice, data and mobile services in the UK. As a major operator they provide both fixed and hosted telephony services, deployed from their own highly resilient network.

Create better connections

We appreciate the value of good communication and with the help of Gamma, we can help you to build better connections between both colleagues and customers with a cloud-based Hosted Communications service.

A hosted service delivers incredible scalability, allowing you to tailor your infrastructure to match your own business demands as part of a robust cloud-based solution. You can also combine voice and mobile into a single hosted package, delivering genuine flexibility and freedom to expand your business without the technological shackles of a traditional telephone system.


Greater control of your communications

Cloud-based telecommunication provides greater visibility over your telephone traffic allowing you greater control over call management. You’ll be able to accurately assess exactly how you handle each and every call, informing decisions that improve both your internal and external communication.

A proven partnership

We have worked with Gamma for over 10 years. In this time, we’ve delivered numerous solutions using their services for nearly 100 customers – from small businesses to the largest enterprises. During this time, we’ve amassed valuable experience and shaped processes to fast-track customers from legacy solutions to modern services without the risk.


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