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Partnering with Dell EMC


Dell EMC is focused on IT and workforce transformation.  Through perfectly engineered technologies they are helping organisations to embrace change, discover innovation, and create value faster.

We make this real

We help you pick through the best Dell EMC has to offer.  Careful technology selection and sensible solution orchestration makes transformation happen on your terms.  This care and attention is what our customers have come to expect from us and is a large part of how we doggedly uncomplicate the IT that runs your business no matter how big you are.


From the moment Dell EMC launched its indirect channel we’ve been part of their partner ecosystem.  Today, we’ve amassed huge expertise across the complete product portfolio and have developed our own services to support the designdeployment, and support of Dell EMC-based solutions. We also have an extensive partnership with VMware as part of the wider Dell EMC family.

Call on us for anything

You can therefore call on us for anything – from the acquisition of the latest Dell EMC PC and client technology to develop your workspace, to enterprise-scale solutions for infrastructureprotection, and cloud.  Through leading partnerships with a host of other manufacturers, we build on the Dell EMC technology you choose to arrive at solutions that are genuinely made to measure for the challenges you face.


Dell EMC has our back

With the investment and dedication we’ve shown to the partnership, Highlander enjoys executive level sponsorship from Dell EMC.  It’s support that really counts for our customers as it helps secure better commercial value, resolves issues faster, and means we’re first out of the blocks regarding anything new.

Other strategic partners