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Partnering with AvePoint


Strategic Partner

For nearly 20 years, AvePoint has been delivering comprehensive cloud backup solutions that combine ease of use, and flexible storage with reassuring performance.

Comprehensive cloud-to-cloud backup

After creating the world’s first 100% Software-as-a-Service backup platform, AvePoint has become an industry leader in this space, delivering the most complete cloud-to-cloud backup solution available for Office and Microsoft 365.

ISO certified, AvePoint’s SaaS platform allows you to recover granular data at file level in minutes, without the need to perform site-wide roll outs or full system restores. Data can be recovered even after it’s been deleted for more than 30 days, meaning you can still access information that’s been inadvertently lost, accidentally deleted or unfortunately corrupted without trawling through your recycle bin.


Put a stop to unwanted bottlenecks

A key component of any successful backup solution is how it impacts other services and users while it takes place. Your data needs to be backed up regularly, to ensure that the most recent versions of your files and applications are ready when you need them, but with minimal disruption

With up to 4 backup cycles a day, every single day, the backup solutions we deliver with AvePoint flex in-line with capacity to ensure regular backups occur without throttling network performance and regardless of data volume.

Your backup, your way

While regular backups are important, you also need to know where your backup data is being held. After all, a backup solution is only as secure as the storage platform it’s built on.

AvePoint’s backup platform gives you the freedom to build the solution that works for you, whether that means harnessing their scalable Azure environment, your own private cloud, or an on-premises data centre.


Preserving your data is our priority

We’ve always appreciated the importance of ensuring ongoing data protection, and that includes the long-term storage and availability of potentially valuable information inadvertently lost over time.

A cloud-to-cloud backup solution for Office and Microsoft 365 should be part of a robust business continuity strategy. We help you achieve this by combining the latest, industry-leading solutions available from AvePoint with our own insights and expertise to craft the perfect solution.

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