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Partnering with Aruba


Authorised Partner

Aruba believes your network is your most valuable asset – it’s how your people connect and collaborate, allowing productivity to thrive. A large percentage of your workforce is now made up of GenMobile – mobile-savvy users who rely on cloud-based business apps for every aspect of their work and personal lives, and are consequently empowered when your network is at its best.


Mobile-first architecture

However, people, places and things that rely on your network are changing all the time and demanding more. Aruba has set out to improve user experience and take the guesswork out of network management and security, so your network never gets left behind as your infrastructure grows. Furthermore, as part of the HPE family, Aruba is poised to connect with the other HPE technologies you may be exploring as you look to modernise.

In more ways than one, your network is your intelligent edge. More than ever before things connecting with your network have the potential to add value and create advantage. Designed for rapid innovations in mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud, Aruba makes your network ready for this transformation.

Time to capture new opportunities

As an established Aruba and HPE partner, Highlander is helping customers to capture these new network opportunities and simply make this part of your IT work better. Whether you’re looking to create a modern digital workspace, are considering the impact of IoT, or even want to harness capabilities like location services to unlock intelligence that enriches staff and customer experiences, we can help. Our skilled team is ready to offer all the advice, design, deployment, and support expertise necessary to handcraft a host of exciting solutions.


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