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Work smarter, not harder. 3 typical use cases for IoT.

Posted by Laurentiu Bacalu on Mar 21, 2024 05:07:48 PM
Work smarter, not harder. 3 typical use cases for IoT. - Business IT Sheffield

Please note: This post was written by Highlander prior to their rebrand to FluidOne Business IT - Sheffield.

You might already be familiar with the term Internet of Things (IoT), but what you might not realise is just how much real-world value this technology is providing for businesses just like yours today.

The latest innovations offer some exciting possibilities for those working in a host of different industries, and importantly, are becoming must haves for those looking to uncover marginal gains and achieve greater levels of efficiency in the way they work.

Whether it’s utilising intelligent sensors to measure real-time output from your production line, or using smart cameras to monitor the number of people gathering in a certain area, it’s only by collecting this data with IoT that you can start to make informed decisions and change the way your business works.

With that in mind, we’ve identified 3 typical use cases for IoT to explain how these new capabilities could deliver genuine value for businesses working within these industries.

1) Manufacturing

Admittedly one of the more well-known sectors earmarked for IoT adoption, there’s still plenty of new opportunities for manufacturers to embrace the latest innovations.

Measuring productivity is one area of interest. Time is money, and being able to track the real-time outputs of every area of your production line with IoT-enabled sensors can provide valuable insights into how your factory floor is operating.

Additionally, asset tagging can help you monitor the flow of products and materials through your building, alerting you to any issues with stock, supply, or the handling of potentially dangerous materials.

As you might expect, security is also an important consideration. Intelligent cameras can not only record what is happening on-site, but monitor outputs in real-time to alert you to potential issues. As an example, this could be used to flag employees entering dangerous areas without appropriate footwear or clothing, including hi-vis gear and hard hats. In fact, this technology is so sophisticated it can even identify people who aren’t wearing a face mask correctly – something that is crucial when creating the COVID-safe workplace.

2) Education

Unlike other industries, a school or higher education campus presents a unique environment, where security and staff/student safety is always high on the agenda.

It’s especially important to understand who is entering the premises at different times and monitor the flow of people into different areas of the building or site.

Door sensors and IoT-enabled door locks can be installed to prevent students from entering restricted areas, while smart cameras can alert you to any unwanted visitors. You can even set parameters that alert you based on height or clothing, so you’ll know if a pupil has made their way into different parts of the school unsupervised

Motion heat maps also allow you to monitor the distribution of people throughout different areas of the building to help you avoid overcrowding or unwanted disruptions that could impact the school schedule.

3) Facilities management

Whether it’s a shared office building, a large shopping centre, or even a residential block of flats, those working within facilities management can benefit from the insights of the latest IoT technology.

Once again, security is one of the most attractive opportunities, with the option to add door sensors that limit access to certain areas to those with the required permission only.

Additionally, smart cameras can also help to track not only the movement of people through your building, but how those people are behaving. For example, you might be able to identify which areas of your building are the busiest at different times, and allocate your security to monitor those areas as a priority. Additionally, you can better track the number of people accessing shared facilities, and schedule maintenance and cleaning in line with the volume of use.

Make IoT a reality with Meraki

As the popularity of IoT technology grows, Meraki has created a comprehensive portfolio of different products that makes the implementation of IoT technology an achievable goal for businesses of all sizes, with smart, simple, and cost-effective solutions that cover every aspect of IoT infrastructure.

Intelligent endpoints, such as Meraki MV Cameras and MT sensors can be easily deployed in minutes, with connections to secure gateways that are simply managed through the cloud. All the information you collect is then collated via an intuitive browser-based dashboard available through Meraki Insight, where the data can be analysed to inform your decisions.

To learn more about the application of IoT, and how you can take advantage of the latest innovations, speak with our Cisco Meraki expert, or get in touch with a member of the team.

Put IoT technology to the test

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