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Highlander joins forces with Sheffield Business Together

Posted by Rich Davies on Sep 8, 2021 12:00:00 AM
Highlander joins forces with Sheffield Business Together - Business IT Sheffield

Please note: This post was written by Highlander prior to their rebrand to FluidOne Business IT - Sheffield.

At Highlander we’re always looking to do what we can to give back to the community by supporting good causes both close to home, and across the UK.

Charity is a big part of our culture and whilst we don’t like to see ourselves as do-gooders, a long time ago we realised the overwhelmingly positive impact charitable endeavours could have both outside and inside our business.

To that end, we recently joined forces with Sheffield Business Together (SBT), a local organisation that unites like-minded businesses to collaborate, connect and share resources with charities to support people and communities across Sheffield. Through this sharing of knowledge and resource, SBT hopes to tackle some of the major challenges facing those living in the city.

The organisation provides a fantastic resource to so many of Sheffield’s amazing charities, so it is an absolute pleasure to be able to support them by donating our time and skills.

In the spirit of this emerging partnership, we’ve already undertaken our first project to support Sheffield-based City of Sanctuary Sheffield (COSS).

An independent charity, COSS works in solidarity with those seeking Sanctuary in Sheffield, which became the UK’s first City of Sanctuary for asylum seekers and refugees in 2007.

Following an introduction through SBT, we worked with the COSS team to support the implementation of an internet connection at the charity’s IT hub to deliver internet access for visitors, asylum seekers and refugees.

It was hugely rewarding to be able to offer our support to such an important organisation, assisting with data cabling and ensuring that the underlying infrastructure is future-proofed and ready to support ongoing growth.

Equally, it was also pleasing to receive such positive feedback from Tom Martin, Director of COSS, who was grateful for our assistance with this project.

‘’It has been great working with Highlander during our redevelopment of The Sanctuary.

One of the key pieces of feedback we received from refugees and asylum seekers who use the space is that they want good access to the internet so they can further their cases, connect with their families, and access education online. The excellent work Highlander has done will mean that our new IT hub is well set up and capable of providing this.

We look forward to working with the Highlander team in the future as we all look to make Sheffield a safe and welcoming space for people seeking sanctuary.”

For more information on how your business can get involved with Sheffield Business Together, you can visit their website – https://sheffieldbusinesstogether.org.uk/.

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