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Arctic Wolf shuts the door on cyber risk

Posted by Ryan Connolly on Mar 8, 2022 12:00:00 AM
Arctic Wolf shuts the door on cyber risk | Business IT Sheffield

Please noteThis post was written by Highlander prior to their rebrand to FluidOne Business IT - Sheffield.

Last year we helped our customers deliver a number of crucial security projects, and it’s no surprise that cybersecurity was top of the agenda for so many businesses.

Cybercrime has increased by around 600% since early 2020, and businesses of all sizes are now tasked with protecting their data and users against increasingly frequent and sophisticated threats. This in turn, demands the deployment of additional protections, but more protections can present additional challenges.

A recent survey suggests that 78% of CISOs have 16 or more tools in their cybersecurity portfolio today, but the complexity of management and sheer volume of alerts can actually negatively impact your level of protection.

The ideal approach is to support your security investments with a dedicated Security Operations Centre or SOC, but skilled cybersecurity personnel are scarce, and building out a cybersecurity skillset is not a quick or cheap undertaking.

Faced with these challenges, how can you achieve the required level of protection through the implementation of a SOC without having to invest heavily in tools and people? Step forward Arctic Wolf.

The end of cyber risk?

A leader in security operations, Arctic Wolf helps you bridge resource and knowledge gaps with the delivery of a complete Security Operations Centre.

Key to their approach is an understanding that many businesses already have a number of tools in place, which makes a complete refresh of an incumbent cybersecurity estate counterproductive. Instead, Arctic Wolf brings skilled operations and honed insights to the tools you have today as part of a concierge service that not only ensures efficient operation of your security portfolio, but drastically cuts the number of alerts fed back into your internal team.

The Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud is made up of 3 crucial elements that ensure effective service delivery and security operations:

1) Arctic Wolf Platform

Built on an open XDR architecture, the Arctic Wolf Platform collects and analyses over 200 billion security events every day. Machine learning and custom detection rules ensure that endpoint, network and cloud telemetry can be used to quickly and efficiently detect potential threats to help deliver personalised protection.

This broad visibility can only be achieved thanks to the vendor-agnostic approach which enables Arctic Wolf to work seamlessly with your existing technology stack and break down any visibility blocks from potential vendor lock-in.

2) Concierge Delivery Model

An Arctic Wolf invention, Concierge Security® sees expert Arctic Wolf resource aligned with your internal team. You enjoy around the clock 24×7 coverage from expert eyes, with ongoing guidance and support available to your team to ensure review and reinforcement of your security posture.

By making an in-depth assessment of your existing estate, Arctic Wolf specialists can not only help detect and remediate immediate threats, but outline how best to deliver tactical actions such as threat hunting and alert prioritisation.

Additionally, ongoing posture reviews and risk management will ensure that protections keep pace with emerging threats.

3) Sophisticated solutions

With businesses having already deployed a number of tools and technologies to reinforce their cybersecurity estate, it’s security operation, and not the quality tools themselves, that is the biggest contributor to protection ineffectiveness.

This is where Arctic Wolf’s solution portfolio comes into its own, with a number of services available to help detect threats, interpret alerts and action resolutions.

Managed Detection and Response – advanced detection and response that supports faster identification, action, and recovery from emerging threats.

Managed Risk – ongoing assessment of your business to evaluate risk and vulnerability to help reduce the effectiveness of attacks.

Cloud Detection and Response – fast threat detection and response across your entire cloud environment including SaaS apps and IaaS.

Cloud Security Posture Management – reduces the risk of cloud data loss as a result of misconfiguration by hardening security and simplifying management.

Managed Security Awareness – engaging cybersecurity learning to help prepare your users for social engineering attacks and other targeted attacks.

Benefits of deploying a SOC

1) Access skilled resource

Through Arctic Wolf’s Concierge Security® delivery model, you can easily access skilled and experienced security resource as an extension of your team and circumvent challenges over talent acquisition and retention in the face of skilled staff shortages.

2) Maximise your security investments

As a vendor-agnostic service, there’s no need to reinvest your security posture to deploy Arctic Wolf. It can seamlessly integrate with the tools you have today, and the skilled team of security experts aligned to your team can extend their value by better responding to security alerts.

3) Start your security journey

With a wealth of security knowledge and insight, as well as in-depth telemetry from 200 billion daily security events, Arctic Wolf is well positioned to ensure the ongoing interrogation and enhancement of your security posture.

Keen to get started? Speak with our security team

With the number of cybersecurity threats ever-increasing, there’s no bigger priority than the immediate and long-term security of your people, devices, and data.

If you’d like to learn more about the solutions and services available from Arctic Wolf, and how they could help you reinforce your existing protections, get in touch with our security team.

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